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Guerilla Gorilla: Love Potions at House of Wolf

A few weeks ago, just prior to Valentines Day, Gorilla was asked by House of Wolf to put together a talk about love potions. I went along to represent the Gorilla team.

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The School of Noseology opening night


©Simon at Atelier Wish. Contact s@atelierwish.com.

With winter clutching us firmly in its icy claws, and a mere 12 hours before the Grand London Snow of 2013 began (not that we knew it at the time) the Gorilla School of Noseology opened its doors for the very first time this past Thursday.

©Simon at Atelier Wish. Contact s@atelierwish.com.

For the first lesson, we figured an introduction to Gorilla was the only appropriate topic. But an introduction to Gorilla, by nature, covers all kinds of bases, and so while the evening began with Cassie explaining some key Gorilla beliefs and fragrances, including a summary of the Three Actresses and a brief description of the coastline around Poole, we swiftly moved on, to a video by Luke Fleming about the Voice of Reason exhibition, a TED talk by Luca Turin (nerd dials set to MAX POWER) and a short film by Cassandra Vervoort and Helen Nias, about scent and memory.

Cassandra opening the evening and introducing Gorilla.
©Simon at Atelier Wish. Contact s@atelierwish.com.

Mapping the locations of inspiration for the ‘Set in Stone’ range of fragrances.
©Simon at Atelier Wish. Contact s@atelierwish.com.

Throughout the night, we wanted to hear from people, in the form of POSCA pen on shop-window, what their favourite scent memories were. We ended up with a truly beautiful scrawl, with suggestions coming thick and fast, from in the room and all over the world as we canvassed for memories on twitter, facebook and instagram.

Following the films, we took a short break for smelling, writing, chatting and of course snacking.

©Simon at Atelier Wish. Contact s@atelierwish.com.

©Simon at Atelier Wish. Contact s@atelierwish.com.

Tim Smart then took the stage for songs about scent, cabbages, and a singalong so harmonious you’d be forgiven for thinking we were birds, rather than Gorillas.

©Simon at Atelier Wish. Contact s@atelierwish.com.

We then finished the evening with a good old chat about scent memories, covering everything from Calamine Lotion to Airbeds of the ’90s, childhood illness and the way a scent becomes inextricably bound with memory that isn’t just visual, or auditory, but emotional – the way that scents become, in a way, a history of feelings – for better and worse!

Details of the next event at the School of Noseology will be released soon, and we look forward immensely to seeing you there.


Voice of Reason Gallery

As you’re probably aware, last month we were proud to present The Voice of Reason – an exhibition of olfactory-inspired works at Red Gallery in London. This video, which premiered last night at the Gorilla shop, shows how the gallery was constructed (in a mere few days!) and gives a peek at some of the installations. We love it, and it reminds us how grateful we are to everyone who was involved, came along, and helped out.

Click the link above to watch the video!


Thursday January 17th, from 7pm: 
Lesson One: Introduction to Gorilla Perfume


- Cassandra Vervoort & Helen Nias’ ‘Inescapable Journey’
In late 2011 Helen Nias and Cassandra Vervoort created a short experimental film to explore ideas around scent’s strong ability to recall vivid memories. Some memories can be hidden away, but those recollected by smell seem to engulf us involuntarily.

- Luke Fleming’s short film about the opening of the Voice of Reason exhibition at the Gorilla Gallery.

- Luca Turin’s TED talk, where he explains his theory of scent.


- A short introduction to Gorilla Perfume – why we do what we do, and how we like to do it.


- An opportunity to have a personal introduction to the Gorilla Scents, and find out more about the stories behind them.


- Snacks and softs from our gang. BYOB (and a glass if you’re fancy)

FREE ENTRY at The Gorilla Shop, 1-3 Rivington St, London EC2

Facebook event is here

The Gorilla Shop is now open!

Gorilla Gallery-107

Until June, Gorilla Perfume will have a real live physical store, at 1-3 Rivington Street, London EC2. Old St Tube is closest. Selling not only Volume 1 and 2 of Gorilla Fragrance, but also a special selection of B-Sides, Rarities and Special Editions (while stocks last!), the shop also stocks a wonderful range of Gorilla-related items – from posters by the marvellous Plastic Crimewave, to pin badges, canvas totes, CDs and more.

However, being Gorilla, we’ve always got big plans. In the coming months, we’re planning to host events in the space, bringing together sensory experts from a variety of fields for interaction, education and entertainment. We’re aiming to give people the chance to learn more about scent, and to engage with it in ever more meaningful ways, as well as explore the ways scent can interact with people, events and the arts.

We’ll let you know as soon as we know more about what’s coming up, but meanwhile, if you have an idea for an event, a person in the scent world you’d like to question, a film you’d like to scent or see scented, or any other ideas at all that you’d like to put into practice, do get in touch at gorillaperfumes (at) gmail.com

Gorilla Gallery-103

Gorilla Gallery-102Gorilla Gallery-80Gorilla Gallery-82Gorilla Gallery-87Gorilla Gallery-93Gorilla Gallery-113

Guerilla Gorilla: Gorilla at the Scottish Poetry Library

*Gorilla has been doing some guerilla events for the past few years. The purpose of this is to increase people’s awareness of their sense of smell. Of course, we have access to some of the finest essential oils and ingredients out there- so what better thing for unsuspecting audiences to be surprised by! We’ve worked with the Edinburgh Science Festival, the Edinburgh Film Festival, and the Edinburgh Art Festival in addition to theatre companies, musicians, poets and artists. We’ve scented gigs, movies, performed scent experiments, and have shared some secrets from the labs. This is one blog post about one such guerilla event. Look for more to follow and keep your ear to the ground- guerilla events are happening all the time.

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Competition – The Voice of Reason – Find your voice within

Gorilla was inspired by the Beat Generation; the spoken word of literary figures such as William Burroughs and Neal Cassady, and bards like Gil Scott-Heron and Leonard Cohen to create a new fragrance – The Voice of Reason.

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Gorilla On Tour – Brighton – Hannah Moulette

In Brighton we were honoured to have Hannah Moulette and two of her bandmates come and do an acoustic show. They were incredible, and are on tour at the moment – check their dates here. 

Gorilla On Tour – Sheffield – Hailey Beavis

The marvellous Hailey Beavis, playing on the bus in Sheffield.

Gorilla on Tour – Performer Profiles: Garance Louis

During the southern leg of the tour, one of our favourite characters has been the marvellous, mellifluous, direct-from-France Garance Louis.

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Gorilla on Tour – Peformer Profiles: SJ Fowler

SJ Fowler has published four collections of poetry, commissioned original works sonic art, installation, poetry and performance art for a variety of institutes and organisations, performed and been published in countless countries and publications, as well as editing and working on several poetry magazines.

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Gorilla On Tour – Brighton

Ryan Van Winkle, Brighton Rock in hand, starts the night at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar (which by the way, was actually rather sticky) with some meandering prose before introducing the poet SJ Fowler. His twenty-one original meditations inspired by the topic of scent flit between dark humour, delightfully light observations and sad snapshots memories.

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Gorilla On Tour- Performer Profiles: Deborah Pearson

Deborah has received many accolades throughout her career, including, the highly coveted Herald Award, as well as being named on the Stage 100 List of Most Influential People in UK Theatre. An interview with Deborah on The Guardian website found here.

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Gorilla on Tour – Performer Profiles: Robin Grey

Inspired by the timeless work of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Joanna Newsom amongst many others, Robin colours in his songs about love and life with guitar, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, piano, double bass, organ, percussion toys and any other instruments he can afford and fit into his little studio.

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Collage Competition

So new competition. Photo collage! Yay! I wanted to introduce one of our judges, no stranger to a collage herself.

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Competition Alert!

Feeling lost without tour updates? Never fear – the bus will be back soon. Meanwhile, we’re so happy with the tour and so inspired by the smorgasbord of creativity we’ve been seeing every day, that we’ve come up with a project to keep everyone occupied in the meantime.

Images of all the new perfumes are now online here – or check the Gorilla 2012 Gallery link above. Something about the pictures of all the new perfumes, and all that white space, we couldn’t help but think they’re ripe for a little collage action. So, be it on the computer programme of your choosing or on your bedroom floor with a pair of scissors and a pot of glue, we want you to create us a scene featuring one of the perfumes.

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Guerilla Gorilla: Scenting the 50th Anniversary of James Bond at Inspace, Edinburgh

So the tour is on break for a week before storming Leeds this Saturday, October 20th. You didn’t think we were resting on our laurels in the interim did you?

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The Silver Fox’s First Musings on Gorilla On Tour

“Throughout the twentieth century, perfumery flourished as one of the great popular arts, in the same way that fashion, music, and design flourished, contributing more and more to the everyday life of the everyday person. Yet perfume is probably the least understood and least appreciated of the arts”. Tania Sanchez, Perfumes A-Z

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The Golden Hour: Haggler’s Corner

What a whirlwind of a delight last night’s Golden Hour at Haggler’s Corner was.

After an adventurous day parked out front of the Sheffield City Hall, we meandered over to Haggler’s Corner. Past the garden, and the carpentry work shop, up the stairs and into a lofty upstairs room, Haggle’s Corner was that perfect combination of relaxed over stuffed leather couches, black tudor beams, and the perfect amount of flickering light to inspire all kinds of creative behavior.

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Chris Scott, Literary Paparrazo, paps Gorilla on Tour

Chris Scott is an Edinburgh based photographer who is intrigued by all manners of art, literature, music and culture. I have, to this date, never seen Chris when he hasn’t had a camera in tow.

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Gorilla on Tour- Performer Profiles: Hailey Beavis

Where does one begin to describe Hailey Beavis? A true DIY, for-the-people performer, for one. Hailey is a stalwart at some of Edinburgh’s most legendary folk clubs. Her way with lyrics is unmatched, and some (i.e. us, for example) would consider Hailey to be among the very best of Edinburgh songwriters.

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Newcastle to Sheffield

After pulling out of sunny Newcastle, we decided we must see the Angel of the North (superstitious? Not really, curious? Very.) After countless roundabouts we hit the open road, setting down the carriageway.

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Gorilla on Tour: Performer Profiles: Anneliese Mackintosh

This is Anneliese Mackintosh. That is a rather lovely photo isn’t it? Anneliese has joined the Golden Hour Infused & Bemused Tour and we couldn’t be any happier. Allow Anneliese to describe herself in her own words, because she’s very good at it.

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Gorilla on Tour- Performer Profiles: Miaoux Miaoux

Miaoux Miaoux is Julian Corrie, an English man who lives in Glasgow. Miaoux Miaoux make music that does not fit neatly within one genre type, so how bout we do one of those incongruous hybrid definitions of indie-meets-pop-meets-dance-meets… err we’ll stop there and let two reputable music magazines do the gushing for us.

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Gorilla on Tour- Performer Profiles: Paul Tvaroh

For the Edinburgh gig at Inspace, the most amazing science and arts laboratory, we’ve brought along a surprise. Paul Tvaroh will be serving bespoke cocktails based on one of our perfumes.

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Gorilla on Tour- Performer Profiles: Jenni Fagan

Jenni Fagan is a poet and author, whose recently published book The Panopticon (William Heinemann, Random House) has garnered high praise from Samantha Morton and Andrew Motion. We are very pleased to have Jenni be part of our tour.

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Gorilla on Tour: Letters from the silver van

While the green van is the rockstar of the Gorilla Tour – beloved, universally coveted, an enigma, a wonder, a marvel to be experienced only once (maybe twice) in a lifetime – there is another, more retiring vehicular character carrying out its own highly important task.

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Gorilla Perfumes Bus Tour: Day One

We set off on the road in the green bus at a little past 12 on Monday afternoon. The team at the Lush Design office stood outside the doors eagerly waiting to wave us off. Ben, our blond-haired driver, hopped on up into the van and pulled us into reverse. Jo, with a look of either excitedness or terror (it was hard to tell from my angle) filmed us on her iphone as we pulled out the drive, there was no turning back now, it was Scotland or bust!

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Gorilla On Tour- Performer Profile: William Letford

In addition to being a talented poet, William Letford has worked as a roofer, on and off, since he was 15 years old. Known for his passionate poetry readings, which he recites from memory, William released his collection, Bevel, by Carcanet Press in 2012.

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Gorilla on Tour – Performer Profile: Kirstin Innes

Kirstin Innes not only runs the famed literary salon Words per Minute, she also writes award-winning arts journalism, has short stories published by McSweeneys, Cargo and Gutter, and has just finished her first novel, Fishnet. You can listen to her read below, or come and watch her in person in Stirling on October 10.

Gorilla on Tour – Performer Profile: Bobók

Based in Edinburgh and singing in four languages, Bobók take elements of Balkan brass bands, Russian ska, tango and punk and glue it all together with cartoon absurdism.  Their songs are romantic romps about displacement, travel, love, loss, and the absence of bananas in Siberian concentration camps, among other things.

Live, they’re quite the experience, and we guarantee Bobók will have you dancing in the palms of their absurdist hands. They’ll be appearing on October 9 at Mono in Glasgow


Gorilla on Tour – Performer Profile: Emily Ballou

Emily Ballou is an Australian poet, novelist and screenwriter. WIdely published and awarded, her works include a verse portrait of Charles Darwin, ‘The Darwin Poems’ which was awarded the Wesley Michel Wright Poetry Prize in 2009, highly commended in the Anne Elder Award and shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Prize, the Western Australian Premier’s Prize, the Mary Gilmore Prize and the ALS Gold Medal.

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Gorilla on Tour – Performer Profile: Lake Montgomery

Globetrotting Lake Montgomery has made her way from Paris, Texas through Amsterdam to Scotland, carrying a guitar and a voice as rich as the history that influences it.

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Gorilla on Tour – Performer Profiles : Jack of Diamonds

As leader of The Black Diamond Express, the enigmatic Jack of Diamonds has introduced their sepia toned, bourbon soaked songs to audiences far and wide. Despite a clear roots influence The Black Diamond Express somehow stay true to both Robert Johnson and the Sex Pistols, and Jack of Diamonds is the key to their rambunctious, foot stomping sound.

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Gorilla on tour – Performer Profile: Kirsty Logan

Kirsty Logan is an award-winning, widely-published writer of short fiction and journalism, currently working on her first novel and a short story collection. She co-edits flash fiction magazine Fractured West, and likes strong coffee, children’s ghost stories, electronica, retold fairy-tales, and the sea.

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Gorilla on Tour – Performer Profile: Ryan van Winkle

Ryan Van Winkle is currently Poet in Residence at Edinburgh City Libraries following a successful and extended 3-year run as the Scottish Poetry Library’s first-ever Reader in Residence. He remains the host of the SPL’s weekly poetry podcast and continues to encourage the reading of poetry – some say ‘by any means necessary’.

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Tour Dates

As promised, we have released the dates for the upcoming Golden Hour Gorilla Bus Tour!

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Evoking the imagination. In a different time, this bus could easily have housed a bohemian band on tour, or been the crash pad for a group of retro vagabonds. In this case, it will be the travelling across the UK showcasing Simon and Mark’s latest inventions.

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Golden Hour Gorilla Perfume Tour

The Golden Hour has performed throughout the world to packed houses, from the Edinburgh International Book Festival all the way to Melbourne with stops in Berlin, Paris, Beirut and Montreal.

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Voice of Reason

One of Gorilla’s fragrances is called the Voice of Reason, it was inspired by smoky beat bars that played raspy spoken word mixed jazz music until the early morning hours.

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Gorilla Perfume at (s)Lushfest 2012

Lushfest (affectionately nicknamed “Slushfest” due to the rain, wind and mud) was, amongst many other fabulous things, the launchpad for several new perfumes from Gorilla Perfume.

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The Gorilla Perfumers are up to something…

The Gorilla Perfumers have been busy in the lab again and new perfumes are around the corner. There is much more afoot, however, and the upcoming Lushfest will be a really unique showcase for some amazing new creativity. Head on to our Facebook page for your chance to win tickets or keep an eye on there and this blog for photos, updates and reports from the festival.

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A mountain of roses

We’re standing in a hot, white room, the concrete floor covered in pink roses. Men wearing overalls and t-shirts are spreading more blossoms on top from large burlap sacks. The air is thick with the smell of Rosa damascena, the aroma of which seems particularly honeyed and slightly damp here, as these petals have just been picked and it has been raining more than usual.

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Seoul Music

(Aka Pia’s Korean Travel Journal)

National stereotypes are generally quite cringe-inducing. Sometimes they can be convenient ways of describing a common feature present in a particular ethnic group or country.

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Smelly concert?

Lush Korea are about to have an ambitious event – they will magic up a kind of fantasy Carnaby Street-cum-Lush festival in Seoul – with live music, stalls and the full Gorilla perfume gallery experience to boot. They’ve entitled the event a ‘Smelly Concert’ which, of course, will induce no end of titters in any native English speaker, but will probably exceed all of our expectations of a truly modern day out.

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Sea Breeze

The words ‘be careful what you wish for’ sprung to mind today. I have been back in the labs sporadically since the beginning of the year, mostly creating product perfumes (yes it’s already time to make xmas products again!). However, I have had one burning desire to create a fragrance inspired by the sea.

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We’ve had a busy couple of months with the Dirty launch and other projects! Mark and Simon are back in the lab and we’re all hoping for something new and exciting for later this year. Meanwhile, Lush as a whole has been redesigning its training system and a handful of strong candidates from different parts of the business have been appointed to the new role of a trainer-in-training. (Yes, that’s a mouthful. A whole bunch of us have been saying train-the-trainers over and over again for a while now so we’re used to it).

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Guest blogger: Persolaise

This month we welcome our first guest blogger, Persolaise, to tell us about his evening at the Gorilla Perfume event in Lush Portsmouth.

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Ready for a Dirty weekend?

We’re very excited to reveal the full new Dirty product range this weekend! There’s everything from toothpaste to fine fragrance and it all matches – in a new, clever way (if we say so ourselves).

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We’ve got a temporary home and some good news!

After a short hiatus from online retail we once again have a home – albeit a temporary one – where you can stock up on all the Gorilla Perfumes. There will be a new Gorilla website later this year and all the extras such as Perfumista Profiles will return.

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Gorilla in the Press

Our black bottles have popped up in publications all over there world! Here’s just a small selection…


Filling the World With Perfume: podcast

Just as I would never expect to win the Lotto (though it’s nice to dream about it), I certainly didn’t expect to become so involved in the perfumery business. Of course I hoped that something like this would happen one day and worked hard to make it happen, but being part of the Lush family and so busy with the Gorilla Perfume project with Mark and Simon has been exactly like winning the Lotto for me. I still can’t quite believe it.

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Big in Japan

Watch what happened when Tuca took over our Tokyo press launch…


Today Nicola from the Lush Online team shares how she fell in love with Vanillary.

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Breath of God

I hope you’re all getting stuck into the brand new Gorilla Perfume range. It’s been a few months since we launched and we’ve been busy.

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We had a hoot in New York City!

Touring with the Gorilla gallery is not too unlike touring with a band. All the equipment and the set have to cross continents and deliver the same experience regardless of location. The team works hard behind the scenes – hectic preparation backstage, nerves, laughter; late nights. It’s all there.

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Register now for the New York perfume gallery!

Our international perfume gallery tour is coming to USA!

23rd through to the 25th of September, 54 Crosby, New York City, NY – be there! Registration is free but places are limited. You can download a .pdf of the invitation below.


The Godfather of sandalwood

As well as being nominated as the Gorilla Perfumer by his brother Jack, Simon Constantine also heads the Creative Buying team at Lush. His work takes him all over the world and some of these research and buying trips can be a little bit off the beaten track.

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Gorilla Perfume London Gallery Reviews

As we frantically prepare for our New York gallery event which is due to run from the 22nd through to the 25th of September, we thought it would be nice to share some of the visitor experiences from the London Gallery in Shoreditch. Here they are!

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Simon: The Smell of Freedom part 3

One of Simon’s latest projects has been an olfactory portrait of three powerful people. The finished fragrance was unveiled this week at our olfactory event in London. Limited quantities of the perfume are available to buy at the show and the fragrance will be available at gorillaperfume.com from August. This free event runs until 18th of July so you can still make it, though spaces are limited.

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Simon: The Smell of Freedom part 1

One of Simon’s latest projects has been an olfactory portrait of three powerful people. The finished fragrance was unveiled this week at our olfactory event in London. Limited quantities of the perfume are available to buy at the show and the fragrance will be available at gorillaperfume.com from August. This free event runs until 18th of July so you can still make it, though spaces are limited.

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Spoiler alert: Emma Warley reviews the event

If you can’t make it to the show reading Emma’s review of the event will feed your curiosity.

Simon: The Smell of Freedom part 2

One of Simon’s latest projects has been an olfactory portrait of three powerful people. The finished fragrance was unveiled this week at our olfactory event in London. Limited quantities of the perfume are available to buy at the show and the fragrance will be available at gorillaperfume.com from August. This free event runs until 18th of July so you can still make it, though spaces are limited.

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Simon: Imogen Rose

I’ve always loved roses. Ever since I first visited Turkey to see the rose harvest I have been inextricably linked to the Damascus rose. It has led to some strange incidents and memorable moments.

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The big event is near – you can still make it!

Next week we are holding a unique fragrance event in London. You can reserve your free place at the gorillaperfume.com – but hurry, places are limited and they’re filling up fast!

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Mira: How I met Mark Constantine

I started my Lush career as a Saturday girl in the legendary Carnaby Street Lush store. I worked for the BBC during the week.

Sadly the Carnaby Street shop is now gone, but not before spawning several Lush luminaries from its benevolent loins. Harry who now edits the Lush Times for example – he used to be my manager there. Jon from our Portobello store managed me there too. Happy days!

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The Scented Salamander is going bananas

We’re working on revamping all of the existing Lush fragrances. They will be part of the Gorilla Perfume range. This project is quite tough on our designers because we’re launching a whole new website to go with the brand.

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Tuca Tuca live at Lushfest

We’ve never seen so many bendy people!

Please select your local Lush store to purchase Gorilla Perfume